See Beyond Ordinary

Stock Shows

We currently have 4 stock shows available from our 25 drone show design team. Their titles are The Heart Show, History of Flight, Patriotic and Christmas Show. We also have a 60 drone stock Patriotic show. We look forward to introducing a new stock shows throughout the year!

Heart Show

The 25 drone Heart Show is synced with music of your choice, or stock music that transitions between abstract shapes over 15 minutes. A heart, cube, drone, double helix are just a few of the abstract shapes in this show.

History of Flight

The 25 drone History of Flight show is synced with era appropriate music surrounding the shape designs throughout their history. The show consists of images with a bird to hot air balloon, zeppelin, airplane, jet, rocket, galaxy, globe and ends with a UFO shape. Perfect and budget friendly for airshow night displays. This show consists of 25 drones.

New for 2019!

We now have a stock 25 or 60 drone Patriotic Show (US) and a new 25 drone Christmas Show!